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How to Plant a Vegetable Garden – Planting a Healthy Vegetable Garden at Home

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If you want to learn  how   to   plant   a   vegetable   garden  you are making terrific decision.  Planting   a  year around  vegetable   garden  will allow you  to   grow  enough fresh  vegetables  for you and your family that you will soon have fresh and organic  vegetables  on your table daily. Whether it’s to save money or to avoid genetically modified  vegetables  at your supermarket,  planting   a  veggie  garden  provides countless benefits.

One of the first things you need to know when looking to learn  how   to   plant   a   vegetable   garden  is making the most from your the space you have available. You will be surprised  how  many fresh  vegetables  you can  grow  even with limited space for  a  plot. If possible try and stay away from any trees which can steal nutrients away from your  vegetables .

 Vegetables  need plenty of sunshine, look for  an  area that receives plenty of morning sun. Preparation is the key to learning  how   to   plant   a   vegetable   garden  you can be proud of. One of the secrets  to   growing   a  great  garden  is soil preparation, it is critical.

With soil preparation you must remove all weeds, avoid any weed killers and remove them by hand. You must test the pH level of your soil, anything around  a  reading of 6.5 is ideal. If you are unable to test it yourself head over to your local  gardening  store for testing.

Having your soil pH either too high or two low will restrict nutrients to your  vegetables .  Garden  lime is commonly used to bring up low pH soil levels. Dig the soil over and look to get to depth of about 30cm (12″).You should allow 4-5 weeks before you begin  to   plant  any  vegetables .

Now you might be asking what  vegetables  you can  plant ? This will be dependent on climate zone so speak to your  gardening  store about the ideal  vegetables  for your area. You can pick up seedling for  a  great price and begin  planting  after your soil preparation.

The key to learning  how   to   plant   a   vegetable   garden  from scratch picking the right  vegetables  that you can rotate year around to help eliminate pests and disease problems.

Organic fertilizers such as animal manure and  garden  composts are fantastic for providing nutrients to your  vegetables  as well as improving soil conditions and structure. Organic fertilizers help retain moisture which is very important. Watering your  garden  is important but try to ensure it doesn’t become waterlogged and allow for proper drainage.

Want to learn  a  step by step guide on  how   to   plant   a   vegetable   garden  properly?

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