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How to Plant a Vegetable Garden – 5 Tips to Plant Your Own Vegetable Garden

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So you’re wondering how to plant a vegetable garden? Knowing how to plant a vegetable garden the right way can be personally fulfilling…and, financially rewarding. No, it’s not because you would sell off your produce, although that would be a possibility, too. It’s just that when you know how to plant a garden productively, you get a good return on investment (ROI).

Some people essentially double their money in terms of how much food they harvest as contrasted with how much money they invested in the seeds, the top-soil, the garden tools, and so forth. So the bottom line is that they save a lot of money on food. And, gardening is well-known to be some of the most potent therapy that there is. This means that the time and effort expended don’t seem like work.

Let’s look at some of the basics of how to plant a vegetable garden so that you, too, can get a high ROI.

  1. Planning in advance means everything. Before you lay out your initial money and start in on your vegetable garden adventure, you have to know a few things. You need to know how much you want to grow, how much space you realistically have (perhaps you need to do container gardening, in fact), and what vegetables you should, and desire to, grow. Don’t be like a ship’s captain who sets sail without a compass. Know what your goals are and how you’ll be getting to them.
  2. If you’re just learning how to plant a vegetable garden, don’t bite off more than you can chew. Start small. Have a small garden for your first year or two years. After you have gained experience you can expand the size in future years.
  3. Find out which vegetables are going to give you better yields. You’ll have to do a little research and ask local experienced vegetable gardeners about this. Don’t spend $10 and many hours planting and tending a plant that only yields $10 worth of produce. That’s truly not worth your investment.
  4. Don’t be cheap on the garden tools and implements. Buy the best quality that you can possibly afford.
  5. Never stop reading and researching. Read gardening tip books, read up about different varieties of veggies and so forth. There’s always more to learn.

Source by Paul Ducceschi


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