May 9, 2019

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How to Grow Vegetables Year Round With Indoor Aquaponics

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By utilizing aquaponics to create your very own indoor garden, you will no longer have to worry about paying that outrageous price for fresh vegetables in the winter. Instead you can grow your vegetables year round right in your basement or spare bedroom. Talk about fresh! And maybe best of all is the fact that you will have first hand knowledge of what you are eating. Hint: it’s all organic.

If you aren’t familiar with aquaponics, let me get you up to speed quickly. Aquaponics is simply an expansion of hydroponics–the art of growing plants without the use of dirt or soil. The plant’s roots sit directly in a container of water. The plant itself is usually in a floating type of bed. With hydroponics you had to add nutrition into the water to feed the plants.

With aquaponics, the plants get their nutrition in a much more natural and organic way. From fish. If you’ve ever kept fish before, you know that they can put out some pretty nasty by-products like ammonia, etc. Well, here’s where we see the great circle of life in action–those nasty by-products are just exactly what plants need to thrive. So the fish emulsion feeds the plants and as the plants take what they need from the water, they filter the water for the fish. All natural and all organic.

If you’re wondering what kinds of plants your can raise with aquaponics–well, basically anything goes. Beginners might want to start with a leafy green veggie like lettuce. It’s generally the easiest to grow. Other plants you can add as you get the hang of it include herbs, watercress, peas, beans, red and green peppers, strawberries, and melons. You can really try just about anything. In fact the true test of whether or not a plant will work for you is just to try it and see.

There is another benefit of aquaponic gardening, too. You also get to eat the fish! If you are looking for a way to become sustainable (or off the grid), this type of garden will not only give you fresh year round fruit and veggies, but protein too. All from the comfort of your own home.

You probably think an indoor aquaponic gardening system would be expensive, right? Well, yes, if you buy a ready made system that is probably true. The good news is that with a good DIY guide, it’s totally possible to build your own system. Your upfront costs will be offset by the savings from your produce bills. Plus you get the added benefit of knowing where your family’s food is coming from and that it is, in fact, healthy.

So are you ready to grow vegetables year round?

Source by Belinda Whitaker


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