Having visitors around and making a good first impression means ensuring your garden looks its very best. The use of trellises is not only limited for your front yard but you can also utilize it in your backyards around patios, decks and swimming pool areas to add dimension, color and shade. There are different garden trellis ideas you can apply to make your gardens attractive and unique from other gardens.

What is a Garden Trellis

trellis-3Garden trellises are a latticework structure that is used outdoors as a decorative piece or as a functional item which allows plants and flowers to attach themselves to. Its structure maintains the plants hence; the plant follows the shape of the trellis and a certain pattern is formed. Trellises are very useful with climbing plants such as vines.

Other uses of trellises include as a structure you can use to conceal parts of your house you don’t want people to see including like unsightly spaces such as compost piles or storage areas. They also give your garden vertical height if yours is a small one.

Creating a trellis does not necessarily mean that you have to fasten plants onto it because you can just use the structure as an add-on to your garden to enhance its looks and to occupy bare spaces. Others would even make use of trellises on their roof tops. There are no limits to the usage of trellises and you can place them in any areas of your garden as you see fit.

Types of Garden Trellises

There are various types of garden trellises made from different materials such as wooden garden trellis, iron garden trellis, etc. It is up to you to choose which one is suitable for your garden that will also match the theme of your home.

trellis-2Simple trellises can be made from strings and wire meshes and these materials are used for trellises which hold up plants like grapes, peas and other vine plants. But those made from lumber and metals tend to double as garden features and ornaments.

While garden trellis arches are commonplace in many backyards and can enhance the look of the area, you may well wish to try other, more unusual designs like cedar trellis screen or copper top pyramid trellises which are unique and create a real feature in your garden making it stand out from others.

You can check out other garden trellis ideas as well as pictures online. You can also get information on how you can make your own trellis without spending a huge amount of money on various do it yourself forums. If you have all the materials ready and the luxury of time, then you should be able to build your own trellis and make it specifically for your garden design.

Planning is essential to ensure the successful integration of trellis features in your garden. Choosing the right materials as well as which plants you would like to include is important to ensure that you get the look that you want and have a garden that will look amazing year after year.